The works of Brian Mclendon

Info: This is my sophmore college year portfolio of works. (2006) I still use this website for storage and email, but this work is severly old. My new url is Teen Zombie. Check it out.

Brian McLendon. +1.609.213.3356
Crew: 80 Percent, Eat Cake

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The Life
10 part 72 dpi series


Cupcake Monsters
markers and pen


macromedia flash


Mixed Media


Smoke, Death AND Lots Of Monsters
nearly completed huge book of different monsters
cheap pens from the dollar store


cover and insert for a demo cd by asl plz
mixed media


Clover Hill Flyer
A flyer for the band clover hill
Adobe Photoshop


Monster Walking
because everyone loves monsters
macromedia flash


The Future
from a project in high school
adobe illustrator and scanned textures


Flyer and Postcard
work commision for Burning Records
adobe illustrator and photoshop, scanned markers

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